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Employment Agreement Negotiation.

Les has been involved in negotiating collective agreements for thirty years most recently in the tertiary education sector.

Most of his employment has been in highly unionised industry, so he is able to easily build a rapport with union officials to ensure that your dealings with them are well within the Good Faith requirements of the Employment Relations Act

He is able to either advocate for you as an employer in any collective negotiations with the unions associated with your industry, or prepare a user friendly Individual Employment Agreement for your staff and should you so desire negotiate the content of this with your employees.

If you are an employee who has been supplied with an Individual Employment Agreement Les will advise you on the content of the document and whether or not it meets the standards required.  He is also available to support you in any negotiations you may wish to have with your employer.

Legislative Compliance Advice

Employment legislation is becoming a nightmare for the small to medium employer to manage and comply with.  Let Kachina Ltd undertake a COMPLIANCE AUDIT for you and then support you in updating your procedures and documentation to ensure compliance with the acts.

The Employment Relations Amendment Act made 37 Changes to the ERA.  These include the doubling of the maximum penalties for non compliance with these acts from $10,000 to $20,000 and gave greater powers to Labour Inspectors who can now issue corrective action notices to non conforming business and follow these through with prosecutions if necessary .


If you have been issued with a personal grievance or wish to lodge a grievance with your employer, Les can work with you to resolve the issue at the earliest possible occasion. This will allow you to avoid delays to achieve a harmonious, win/win resolution to your difficulty allowing you to move forward in a mutually beneficial manner